„Born in Valais (Switzerland),December 1986, I got in touch with the benefits of winter at an early age. Back in 1999 I started with Snowboarding and it became a passion. During my time in the mountains with my friends I started to photograph. My first camera was an analog camera with Kodak 36 films. These days I like to photograph and film different kinds like Landscape, Architecture, Travel and Sports. My Blog is focused on Art, Concerts and Photography.“

photo exhibitions

2011 – Swiss Photo Award Ausstellung (all entries), Category Free, Zurich

2011 – Kultur an der Lonza, Steg VS

2012 – Kunst und Kultur im Schtadl, Kippel (Lötschental)

2014 – Kultur an der Lonza, Einheimische Künstler, Gampel VS

2016 – architektur0.16 and 20min, „Das beste Architektur-Foto“ – TOP100, Zurich

2017 – Haus der Generationen St. Anna, Steg VS

2020 – Berge im Zentrum, Buchbinderei Schwery, Brig