Yesterday, on Saturday 20th of June 2020, I travelled to Bern with my art friend Walter to see the „Things fall apart – Swiss Art from Böcklin to Vallotton“ exposition at the Kunstmuseum Bern. After some interesting and funny talks during our train ride we arrived in Bern around 10 o’clock in the morning. We walked from main station to the museum. First we paid the entrance fee and let our backpacks at the baggage room and then it was time for a us to start our visit of the exhibition. We expected a small exhibition but after we’ve seen the whole we were surprised. The expo took place in two different floor with a a several separated rooms. My favourite were the mountains paintings but some paintings of humans were beautiful too. We saw from great paitings from artists like Anker, Böcklin, Bieler, Hodler, Ritz, Vallotton and more. At the end of our visit we saw the collection of the museum too (just check out the extra blog post). At 12 o’clock it was time for lunch and Walter had a good idea. We enjoyed a very delicious Pizza at La Carbonara. My pizza margherita made it to my TOP3. After lunch we made a stop at Lachenmeier Farben store, the North Face store and finally the Stauffacher book store. Then I had to travel back home earlier as I was invited to evening meal at my sister’s home. Walter stayed a bit longer in Bern.

It was an amazing day in Bern with really good times where we enjoyed world class art, great food and sunny weather.

Thanks a lot to Walter for a really cool day! Can’t wait for our next trip…

photocredit: photos copyright Matthias Kalbermatter / shot on iPhone 11