Mascotte, X-tra, KKL and X-tra again. These are the locations where I’ve got the opportunity to see my favorite band called Bear’s Den.

This summer after the concert at blue balls festival  I was asking the band’s „mixer“ for the setlist as we were standing right next to the mix table during the whole gig and – surprise, surprise-  I got one. Thanks a lot to that guy I don’t know his name. True legend.

So when I heard some weeks later the news that they are coming back to Switzerland I’ve directly ordered the tickets.

The concert at X-tra in Zurich took place at the 19th of November, 2019 and it was one to remember. Bear’s Den is a band with more than just one or two good songs. Every song of them has a true emotional side. As they are singing a lot about love and life at the show were a lot of twosome there. The atmosphere was beautiful too and they played a lot of old songs and a few new ones too.

We enjoyed an awesome time in Zurich. Thank you very much to my bro and maestro Werni for organizing the trip. Always a pleasure to experience some cool music live.

Can’t wait for our next concert-adventure.

Photocredit: Photos 1 and 2, provided and copyright by Werner Zenhäusern / shot on Xiaomi Smartphone, Photo 3 copyright Matthias Kalbermatter / shot on iPhone 7 Plus)