Art: Rodin-Giacometti at the Fondation Pierre Gianadda – AGAIN!

Back in September I traveled to Lucerne to see the Turner exhibit with my former work mate Sebastian. That time we made plans to visit the Fondation Pierre Gianadda in Martigny and the Abbaye in St. Maurice one day. So on October 29th, 2019 it was go-time.

We’ve met us again in the train from Brig to Martigny as I entered in Visp which is a stop of this train line. The journey to Martigny felt really short as we’ve had some old and funny stories to tell.

Arrived in Martigny we walked towards the Fondation. During our walk we witnessed a work of art of Swiss Art Legend Hans Erni. After a short stop at the Tepidarium outside the Fondation we entered this special architectural and cultural temple.

It was time to see the Rodin-Giacometti expo again. As you may know I’ve already seen it with my parents but if you have a chance to see an expo more than one time you definitely should do that. You will get a new look to the works of art for sure.

So it’s kind of interesting when your mate studies art history. Sebi told me some interesting things about art. It was cool to see two of the best sculptors of the art history in a context together. We were discussing with of these two artists we like more and we decided it’s Rodin because his works are more realistic than the really abstract art of Giacometti.

We had a look of the Stefanini Expo with works of Hodler, Anker, Valatton too and I was so impressed as always of the famous girl painting of Anker where a blond young girl braid her hair.

A highlight was to see the Musée L’automobile with outstanding oldtimers from Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, Mercedes, Alfa-Romeo and more.

Finally we had a short look of the Leonard de Vinci and Leonard Gianadda expo at the Vieil Arsenal (which was truly awesome) and had a walk at the magnificent parc des sculptures.

To end our meeting we enoyed a great and delicious meal at the Restaurant Zenhäusern in the city centre of Martigny and then traveled back home.

Next time it’s time to travel to St. Maurice to see the Abbaye, one of the oldest of the world.

Thank you very much to Sebi for an amazing time in Martigny. We’ve found a lot of inspiration.

Photocredit: copyright Matthias Kalbermatter, shot on iPhone 7 Plus