On 12th of September 2019, I had the pleasure that my old work mate Sebastian joined me for a trip to Lucerne to see the Turner exposition at the Kunstmuseum Luzern.

It was the first time that I’ve seen one of his exhibitions and I was impressed. Probably he was the first landscape painter in Europe and left his „oeuvre“ to the British Nation. Also he was a master of light and the light in his works of art were unique. He traveled several times to Switzerland and a lot of the works that were produced here were exhibited in Lucerne.

Although when you entered the rooms of the museum it feels like you are in a labyrinth because you felt lost as the most rooms has more then one entrance/exit and looked like similar.

All in all Sebastian and I had a great time in Lucerne with world-class art and long interesting talks about past, present and future.

Thanks to him for another great art experience…

Photocredit: Shot on iPhone 7 Plus / copyright Matthias Kalbermatter