Concerts: Bear’s Den at the KKL, Lucerne

As you know I think Bear’s Den from London is one of the greatest folk/indie bands. They write amazing lyrics, produce wonderful melodies and a really amazing atmosphere at their concerts. So after my first concert at the Mascotte some years ago and the second one at the X-tra in Zurich that was one of the best concerts ever, it was time to see them again. When I heard that they are coming back to Switzerland and even to my favourite city of Switzerland, Lucerne, playing the world famous KKL – I was sure that it will be outstanding. So I was fast enough to get tickets. Back at the end of June 2019 I saw an epic concert with a crowd that was in a perfect mood for this. It was a really cool and a unique experience to see one of my favourite bands at one of the best venues in whole Switzerland… and when you got the playlist of the concert at the end of it, I couldn’t be more happy.


© Photos: copyright Matthias Kalbermatter / shot on iPhone 7 Plus