January 19th, 2019 was a day to remember – I had the pleasure to see one of my favourite bands, Snow Patrol, live again after a long „7 year-break“. First time I saw them at Open Air Gampel 2009 and 2012 at the St. Jakobshalle in Basel.

So I was really looking forward to this one. It was cool to see the Samsung Hall for the first time. Cool modern architecture and amazing spatial acoustics was my first impression after the pre-concerts of JC Stewart and Voy Fance. JC Stewart’s music has some interesting potential to become the „next Ed Sheeran“. Maybe. Vance Joy sounds a bit like Bruce Springsteen. Solid performance.

Later finally Snow Patrol entered the stage and I got emotional in a positive way and got goosebumps. Their music helped me so many times in my life when I struggled with love stories with no happy end. Here you can see the set-list and some snapsshots made with a smartphone.


1. Take back the City

2. Chocolate

3. Crack the Shutters

4. Empress

5. Don’t give in

6. Open your Eyes

7. Run (with a Fan playing guitar with them)

8. You could be happy

9. Life on Earth

10. Make this go on forever

11. Shut your eyes

12. Called out in the dark

13. Heal me

14. The Lightning Strike (What if this Storms ends?)

15. Chasing Cars

16. You are all I have


17. What if this is all the love you ever get?

18. Just say yes

That moment at the end of the concert when you realized you knew every song of the concert – priceless…

Thanks to my buddy Matt B for another great concert experience… it was epic!

©️ Matt Kalbermatter Photo