Photography: Fantastic Day in Zurich and Lucerne

On Saturday, 29 September 2018, my buddy Matthias and I travelled from Valais to Zurich by train. We took the opportunity during the 2 hours train ride to talk about our lives and what is all about. It was a really interesting and funny talk.

Arrived in Zurich around 9am we headed to the Apple Store at the Bahnhofstrasse where we had a look at the new apple products. After this visit we walked to a famous book store called Orell Fuessli. I checked out the Architecture, Art and Photography section. There, Matthias discovered an interesting book about the James Bond Archiv but unfortunately it was only in English, we would have preferred it in German.

Later we took the tram and drove to the station called Bellevue. Next to it at the  „Sechseläutenplatz“, the world famous Zurich Film Festival to place but we were there a bit too early. So we enjoyed a drink at the Globus there and afterwards we had a final look there and made some photos on the green carpet and the incredibly beautiful Opera house.  After a short photo session where I shot some mute swans and birds we walked back to the HB (Zurich’s railway main station). We picked up some food and drinks and travelled further to Lucerne.

In Lucerne, I always got a feeling of coming home. First we saw the new concept of the post office. A walk over the Chapel Bridge, the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe, is always a great idea as you can shot there beautiful photos. Later on we discovered the inside of the Lucerne Jesuit church and I was truly speechless for a second as the architecture, ceiling paintings and sculptures were outstanding. The atmosphere was amazing. We’ve got hungry and thirsty so we stopped by at the Pickwick’s Pub to eat, drink, talk and watched the football game West Ham-Manchester United. The Church St. Leodegar was another highlight of the day and after a walk through the Lucerne Cheese market we took the train back home to Visp and drove by car back home to Steg VS.

These great days make you happier and at the end of the day you are coming back home with a smile in your face. Always be grateful for something like this.

Thank you very much to my buddy Matthias for an excellent day with a lot of fun. Can’t wait for our next trip.

(Photocredit:  shot on Fuji X100S / © Matthias Kalbermatter and Matthias Brenner)