Circa 10 years ago I visited the Bürgenstock for the first time. I felt like the glorious days were over at this great place. In the past VIP’s like Audrey Hepburn (married Mel Ferrer there back in 1954), Sophia Loren (rented a Villa there), Jimmy Carter, Konrad Adenauer and Sean Connery (just to name a few) have visited this place. So I was pretty happy when I heard the news that a sovereign wealth fund from Qatar acquired the Hotel facilities in 2007. They invested 550 Mio. CHF in this project. The offers is large: it includes Hotels, Alpine Spa, Tennis / Ice-Skating, Shops, Restaurants, Cinema and more.

Last year they opened the gates of this resort and since that day I wanted to see it. Luckily on Sunday, August 5th 2018, I had the chance to visit it. So I think the best way to show you the magic of this magnificent place is when I let the pictures speak.

shot on Canon G7X / © Matthias Kalbermatter