Concerts: Editors at Les Docks, Lausanne

During the year 2013, my Buddy Werni and I saw the band Editors three times (Montreux Jazz Festival, Openair Gampel and X-tra Zurich). It’s no secret that the concert at the X-tra in Zurich was the best one for us because there were the people just coming for this band not like at a Festival where the band is only one of a lot of bands playing the same evening.

I listened the last two albums of them just on spotify and I found their new music a bit special. Werni told me that when we hearing this songs live it should be a lot better. So I had absolutey no expectations when we drove to Lausanne on April 24th, 2018. We planned to enjoy a burger meal next to the concert Location but there was full house so we changed our plans. At Sayonara Burger we’ve got some really big burgers and some homemade French fries. This food was really tasty and we only can recommend this place. Hope we will be back soon.

So the concert started really great, they played two of my favourite songs, Munich and Formaldehyde. The crowd was going nuts and they played a really cool set. full power from the first song to the last song. I was really impressed! Now, Editors are one of the bands I’v seen the most ( I think 5 times).

During our drive back home we’ve listen to some cool music like Daft Punk, Digitalism , DJ Mehdi, Simian Mobile Disco just to not fall asleep.

Thanks a lot to organize-master Werni! Always a pleasure and good times…

© Matthias Kalbermatter, shot on iPhone 7