Back in december 2017 when we saw a concert of the folk band Mighty Oaks my buddy Werni told me that they could be a possible band to play the Zermatt Unplugged Festival this April. So when I saw the line-up for the first time I was happy to see their name.

On April 14th, 2018 we traveled to Zermatt by train. Our first stop there was at the Restaurant Zermatter Stübli where we enjoyed some tasty food. Before our first concert we had a drink at the Brown Cow Pub and listen to a few funny stories.

Later we arrived at the Vernissage (a famous club in Zermatt where small concerts take place during the Festival). In front of the club I saw a poster of the band Amber Run with 4 band members. So I was quite surprised when only two members entered the stage. So the concert began with a acapella song. The atmosphere was beautiful during the concert but for me their songs were a bit to quiet. It was truly annoying that at the end of the club was a bar and the People there were talking the whole concert.

After this concert we directly headed to the Hotel Alex where one my favourite bands, Mighty Oaks, played the last concert of the Zermatt Unplugged for this year. They found a great balance between quiet songs and more rock-like songs. During the first two songs I got goosebumps. I told Werni that I am happy when they just played the song „driftwood seat“ and at the first end of the concert, just before the encore they played it.

So this year’s edition of Zermatt Unplugged was another great time with my family and friends. Thanks a lot to Werni for the organisation and fun times!

© Matthias Kalbermatter, shot on iPhone 7 Plus