Tonight I phoned with my good friend David Bumann, a great photographer and artist, and we talked about our passion photography. Some months ago, I had the pleasure to join him on a spontaneous night-Shooting at the Simplon Pass. Our goal was just to take some photos during the early night.

The Simplon Pass connects Switzerland with Italy and it was Napoleon Bonaparte who gave this Pass an international importance as he ordered to build a real street there. The Sempione, like the Italians call it, was also the first place where I met David for the first time for a legendary snowboard-shooting with my longtime friend Martin Seiler (1988-2017)  who tragically passed away in an avalanche this february. So it was special and memorable for David and me to return to this place…

Thanks a lot to David for this interesting experience. Hope we can go together on a photography-Mission as soon as possible!

Here you can see some photos: