Art: Peintures flamandes et hollandaises and P I C A S S O (again!)

Today was just an amazing day! After a long time I finally got the chance to see my good friend Christoph again. Our program for our meeting was to see the two best Art-Fondations of the Valais (Switzerland)

Around 10am. Christoph arrived at my home residence in Steg VS. After a coffee-break I present him my book collection and we made a little tour in the ICG-Office. Then we headed off to Lens to visit the great Fondation Pierre Arnaud. We went there to see the new exhibition called „Peintures flamandes et hollandaises“. For me it was the most beautiful exhibtion I saw at this Fondation. The paintings had an enormous picture-language and special light-atmospheres. After the visit of the exhibition we decided to eat lunch at the Restaurant L’indigo which is situated on the ground floor of the Fondation Pierre Arnaud. The lunch tasted really delicious. We had some interested talks and enjoyed our time in this modern designed, high-standard restaurant.

Then it was time to drive directly to Martigny. For Christoph it was the first time that he saw the „P I C A S S O  – L’oeuvre ultime – Hommage à Jacqueline Exhibition“ at the world famous Fondation Pierre Gianadda. I’v already seen it for the third time but I explored every time new things and paintings. We discussed a lot about Picassos Art and how we should interpret his world-class style.

The finish of our visit at the Fondation Pierre Gianadda was the Automobile Museum in the underground where you can see outstanding classic cars like Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Ford, Mercedes and a lot of swiss-built cars too. We shopped some postcards at the Boutique in the end to have some souveniers.

I would like to thank you very much to my good friend Christoph for this amazing day and experience. It showed me a lot how lucky I am to have friends like him who have the same passion for art.

Gallery with some snapshots made with my iPhone 6

© Matthias Kalbermatter Photography