Concerts: M83

Today was Part 2 of our Montreux Jazz Festival Tour 2016. My buddy Werni and his colleague joined me. They went to the Auditorium Stravinsky to see the Mogwai – Atomic Project and Sigur Ros. I had the pleasure to see Aurora, RY X and M83 at the Lab.

After an eating-stop at the Holy Cow-Gourmet Burger booth it was finally time for some music again. Aurora played a cool concert. Their synthie-pop with the beautiful voice of their singer Aurora Aksnes is the perfect music for a festival like Montreux Jazz. For her it was a very special evening as she says around 100 times thank you to the crowd. A solid performance to start the evening. Then it was time to see Ry Cuming aka RY X from Australia. He told in an interview that his greatest influences are Pearl Jam and Jeff Buckley. His sound remind me on Woodkid just with a cooler instrumental part. After a little break the french group of Anthony Gonzalez, M83 entered the stage. I’ve already seen them in Zurich some years ago and it was a blast. So today the expectations were high and they bettered that concert. They played old classics like „We own the sky“, „Midnight City“ and „Oblivion“… Funny thing: At the beginning of the Aurora Concert was a young man beside me and I thought that I know him. At the end of the concert of M83 I asserted that it was the guitarist of them. It was the best concert of 2016 so far and I hope to see them again one day. Montreux Jazz Festival delivers quality concerts! Good times!

Photo (iPhone Snap © Matthias Kalbermatter Photography)