After 2009 in Berne and 2012 in Zurich it was time to see Coldplay again yesterday. We got the tickets since December 2015 and can’t wait for it. Before the concert we enjoyed a great football game and saw Switzerland’s first win at the Euro Cup in France. Later it was time to see one of our favorite band. The concert back in 2012 was probably the greatest concert I’ve ever seen. After the support act Foxes, Chris, Jonny, Guy and Will entered the stage and started with the song „A head full of dreams“ and the crowd was dancing. Then it started to rain and the boys played „Every teardrop is a waterfall“- perfect timing. After some old classics like „Clocks“ and „The Scientist“ it was time to play some songs in the middle of the crowd. Followed by some classics like „Fix you“, „Viva la Vida“ and „In my place“. Highlights for the crowd were „Charlie Brown“ and „Adventure of a lifetime“ with the amazing „Xylobands“ which glowed in the dark and produced a special atmosphere together with some confettis and balloons. Around 10.30pm Coldplay closed the show with a magical „A sky full of stars“ and their new single „up & up“ with a very creative video on the big screen. All in all it was one of the best concerts ever. Pure happiness and dancing happy faces all around. Thanks to Coldplay for a night of a lifetime.