Paul Gauguin – Fondation Beyeler

Before my trip to the Baselworld 2015 I visited the Paul Gauguin Exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler in Riehen BS.

There was a lot of coverage about this exhibition in the newspapers and I must be honest to say that I had really great expectations.

So back in March my buddy Christoph and I took the chance to finally see it. We had two parts at the exhibition, the first one was to see it for ourselves and the second one was a guided tour. We really enjoyed the interesting informations about the life of Paul Gauguin. He had a really crazy life and was always a bit out of his mind. The bigger part of the paintings which where exhibited he made in French Polynesia. I expected a lot of intense colors but because of the age they where not so colorfull. But the picture language spoke for itself. He was one of greatest french painter of the history.

The special part for me was the painting named „Nafea faa ipoipo“. The tour guide lady told us that it was sold. Rumours say it was sold for more than 200 millions dollars to a sheik in Qatar. But the lady couldn’t confirm that.

All in all it was a great exhibition. Probably the most important Gauguin Exibtion to date. A worker of the Fondation Beyeler confirmed us that they will have a visitor record at the end of the exhibition in June. For myself it was cool to learn more about Paul Gauguin and to see for the first time the Fondation Beyeler.